This Week’s Bread

is house-made Madagascar dark chocolate with cherries. Ready at 1pm on Friday.

Macadamia Citrus Nougat

OAHU “O” – macadamia, blood orange, pomelo nougat in house-made Mexican Tabasco 72%. #chocolatier #nougat

Local Raspberries

BLOOD GEM – Brilliant local raspberries with Papua New Guinea vanilla and house-made Mexican 72% dark chocolate cast in White Jade. Thank …

Bread Every Friday

Flavor changes weekly. Week of August 30th was Bourbon-soaked candied orange BREAD. Light wheat and our own starter.

Apricot & Chocolate Caramel

APRICOT POETRY: apricot ganache over dark chocolate caramel with a hint of smokey Indian goraka in a shell of bright Dick-Taylor Belize …

Macadamia Praliné

MACADAMIA, MOSTLY: macadamia praliné and two of our own chocolates: Brazilian Catongo and Sierra Leone. DANGER: May contain spicy hawk’s claw chiles.