Classes for Fun

Fun for groups, couples, and friends. Ask about private classes for Team Building events and Bridal showers. These classes are hands on and fun, and don’t require any prior experience.

Down & Dirty Chocolate!  Hands on working with chocolate.

Hands On Croissants! Hands on the dough. Learn to make them at home.

Classes for Organizations and Events

We’ll happily schedule a private Chocolate Adventure course for your organization or team-building event. Call us at 603.625.4043 to schedule.

Chocolate Adventure!  An journey into the world of chocolate–with tastings!

 Classes for Chocolate Professionals

Ecole Chocolat Mastering Chocolate Flavor:  A online class in chocolate tasting and flavor for amateurs or chocolate professionals, offered through Ecole Chocolat.  Register online.

Ecole Chocolat Chocolatier Recipe Development Program:  A intensive 5 days of training that will develop your knowledge of flavor in chocolate recipes. (This is a professional program open only to Ecole Chocolat graduates.)

We’re happy to arrange private classes!

  • Team-building events
  • Date night
  • Ladies’ night out

Course & Event Schedule

Call 603.625.4043 for information and registration