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Classes for Chocolate Professionals

Looking to up your game? Dancing Lion Chocolate offers courses in collaboration with Ecole Chocolat, one of the world’s most respected schools for chocolate professionals.

Founded in 2003, Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts offers award winning programs in chocolate making that will help you explore your love of chocolate as a hobby or a business.

Couverture Making for Chocolatiers

Taught by Dancing Lion Chocolate Master Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy and Chocolate Maker Shaman Marlin, this intensive program will help you develop a plan to make your own couverture for your business. It includes topics such as sourcing beans and ingredients, machinery requirements, and developing your couverture-making process.
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Recipe Development for Chocolatiers – Ganache

Taught by Dancing Lion Chocolate Master Chocolatiers Richard Tango-Lowy and Rachel Comstock, this intensive program is not just about making ganache. It’s about understanding ganache at a more scientific level and collaborating live with your instructor and your fellow students to find the best solutions to your problems.
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Recipe Development for Chocolatiers – Caramel

Taught by Dancing Lion Chocolate Master Chocolatiers Richard Tango-Lowy and Rachel Comstock, this Masterclass is an online two week program of intensive, interactive training. By the end of the program, you’ll learn to perfect your recipes for caramel and sugar-based fillings. The program will also address vegan/nondairy recipe alternatives.
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Mastering Chocolate Flavor

This one month program gives you the opportunity to focus on the intricacies of chocolate flavor, while helping you use chocolate more effectively in your professional life. Understanding chocolate flavor and how to taste chocolate consciously will help you to create better products for your business.
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exceeded my expectations with the depth of the written materials and the overall value of the tasting assignments.

Carol, 2022 Mastering Flavor