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Blood Orange Truffle

IT’S ALL BLOOD (oranges) – blood oranges with caramel, rolled in Satsuma sugar. #chocolatier #chocolateasart #rosencrantzandguildensternaredead “We’re more of the love, blood, and rhetoric school. Well, we can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can …

Caramelized Blood Orange

AWAITING SPRING – dormant pods in darkness, stasis, awaiting a warmer day. Blood oranges with caramel in fat, rich, Guatemalan dark chocolate. …

Pear, Cashew, Ancho

ASPEARATION – fresh pear with ancho chile, cashew gianduja, and malty Jivara milk chocolate cast in I’x Jaguar. #chocolatier #chocolate #fruit #gianduja …

Apricots, Wulong Tea

REFLECTION – apricots and Phoenix Wulong tea in I’x Jaguar Guatemalan dark chocolate.#chocolatier #apricots #tea @dantachocolate

Roses, Dad Tango’s Yuzu

ROSES WITH LEMONS – Rose petals and candied yuzu lemon in Wulong Belize ganache at in Ivoire. #chocolatier @epicesdecru @dicktaylorchocolate @valrhonafrance #yuzu

Saffron, Cognac

FINAL THOUGHTS – Caramelized white chocolate with saffron and cognac. #chocolatier #saffron