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Proofing today’s bread

Today’s BREAD is whole wheat with cherries, cacao nibs, and malty Jivara milk chocolate. Ready around 1pm.Staff of life, or so I’ve heard. #chocolatier #bread #chocolate

Bread Every Friday

This week is rye with very dark chocolate, cocoa, and Kampot red peppercorns. Our own starter, of course. Beautiful with  olive oil. …

…and Very Dark Chocolate

There’s Abinao in today’s BREAD, Eileen. Along with Cambodian Kampot red peppercorns. Mostly rye with a bit of whole wheat. Our own …

Bread every Friday

The February 21 loaf was cherries, pecans, Brazilian dark chocolate, and anise in mostly whole wheat. #chocolatier #artisanbread

Today’s Bread

…is mostly small-farm whole wheat with cherries, walnuts, chocolate, and anise. Ready around 1pm.

Bread on Fridays

This week’s BREAD is out and cooling. Rye with Jivara milk chocolate and our own starter. Lovely flavor, and one of the …