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Mestizo Chiles

ROAD TO XIBALBA – Mestizo chile Cloud Caramel cast in house-made Mexican 78% dark chocolate. #chocolatier #diadelosmuertos #slightlyspicy @agroflorestamx

Tangerine & Almond Cluster

A BIGGER PICTURE: Whole almonds and house-candied tangerine rind in sweet milk chocolate. #chocolatier #cluster #flavor

Bonbon Sharing Boxes

BONBON SHARING BOXES for shipping, because temperatures have cooled and orders are definitely on the rise. #chocolatier #boxofchocolates

Fresh Pears in Dark

I LIKE FROGS: Fresh pear and Brazilian milk chocolate ganache in Creos dark milk. #chocolatier #frogs #pears Did someone say Coquí?

Fresh Pears in Cinnamon-White

BLUE PEAR – fresh local pears (thanks Jen & Aiden) with Brazilian milk 50% cast in Creos dark milk chocolate and cinnamon-infused …