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Richard Tango-Lowy

NH SBDC Resiliency Academy

The New Hampshire Small Business Developments Centers (NH SBDC) and UNH Cooperative Extension are teaming up to bring NH its first Small Business & Community Resiliency Academy. Dancing Lion Chocolate owner and Master Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy was asked to take part in the launch. Below, he addresses what resiliency is …

Spiced Pear Cloud Caramel

WINDOWS IN BOXES (Regarding “Regards”): housemade dark milk shell with spiced pear cloud caramel #chocolatier #boxes #cloudcaramel #aliceinwonderland Sitting upon edges, with …

Spiced pear caramel

REGARDS: spiced roasted pear cloud caramel in housemade dark milk chocolate #chocolatier #chocolateart #boxes My regards to your boxes, I see them …

the end of a bridge on an
island on a lake. A table,
a window, a pot of tea.

We speak of tea, of past
friends, of the world.
When all is said and the
pot dry, the scent of
5-spice and tangerines
lingers and the bridge is
white with snow.

Richard Tango-Lowy

→ March 6, 2021

Ceylon tea, green cardamom, lavender

DISCUSSIONS OF WHIMSY: Ceylon tea syrup with green cardamom and lavender in fudgy Bolivia and Nicaraguan heirloom dark chocolate #chocolatier @heirloomcacao Whispered …

Ancho Chile, Saffron

THE VIRTUES OF PATIENCE: ancho chili and saffron ganache with housemade Puerto Rican dark enrobed in malty milk chocolate #chocolatier #chocolatetruffles Ah …