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Richard Tango-Lowy

Books. For Victoria

BOOKS FOR VICTORIA. You wanted to know what was on at least a few of my bookshelves. @victoriasagerart #books #tea #fountainpens #chocolate

Chocolate Cake

CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH MANGO CARAMEL, FIG AND VANILLADessert Night 7 to 10 pm tonight!#chocolatier #dessertnight #chocolatecake #mangocaramel

Caramel Apple Dead

OUR LOCAL DEAD – NH apple caramel cast in Belize 70% dark and spiced cocoa butter.At least one of these is going …

Snack (or light dinner?)

Angelina just made HAM, CHEESE & HERB CROISSANTS from some of my remaining croissant dough. This weekend only, and a perfect snack …