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Caramel, So To Speak.

A LITTLE UNEASY – Pomelo and black pepper butter caramel in Liona Dominican Republic dark chocolate. #chocolatier #chocolate #caramel #texture

Reflections on Still Water

Limited Edition Bar. Candied ruby grapefruit with shaved Tikal Guatemalan milk chocolate and Liona Dominican Republic dark chocolate.

Orange, Green Tea, Paprika

CULTURAL EVOLUTION – mandarin caramel and ganache with Spring Mao Feng green tea and Spanish smoked paprika cast in a white chocolate …

Mandarin in Belize Dark

POOL OF WATER ON A SIDEWALK- mandarin ganache and mandarin caramel in Belize dark chocolate. #chocolatier #everydayadventures #wabisabi @dicktaylorchocolate

Dark Maple, Strawberries

BENEATH THE SURFACE AT AFTERNOON TEA- strawberry and Phil’s Grade A dark maple with crisp dried strawberries in White Jade. #guatemalanwhitechocolate #chocolatier …