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Candy Bar

Rich: Pumpkin! Angelina: Pecans, almons, and maple. Rich: Tastes like pumpkin. Angelina: Not pumpkin. NOT PUMPKIN – Maple-pineapple ganache over Long Jin green tea over honey pecans & dark chocolate. Tastes like pumpkin. @valrhonausa #chocolatier #candybar #layers #3chocolates #delicious

Crazy Candy Bar

CANDY BAR “Station Transfer” – crazy stuff involving nougat, black tea, almonds, blueberries, and fresh mint. I almost called this “Top Hat” …

Nougat with Pistachios and Cumin

CANDY BAR “Flowers in Uzbekistan” – violet black tea ganache above pistachio & Uzbek wild black cumin ganache. These are ridiculously good.