OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate

Journalist Rowan Jacobsen’s on a mission to understand wild cacao and rare chocolate. He’s published articles in SmithsonianFood & WineThe New York Times and others. He’s traveled the world researching his new book about wild cacao. Rowan interviewed me in April just after I’d returned from BFREE in Belize, home of arguably the rarest cacao in the world.

Journalist Rowan Jacobson
Journalist Rowan Jacobsen

“Was there some culinary artist out there who knew the ins and outs of rare cacao?

Could I find me a bean to bonbon master?

Honestly, the same name kept coming up.”

Last week he emailed suggesting that I listen to the final episode of his popular OBSESSIONS: Wild Chocolate podcast.

Tango-Lowy and his co-chocolatier Rachel use chocolate like a conductor might use a string section.

A symphony of chocolate notes cascades over me. How is this truffle so good?”

We listened. It was amazing. We’re honored to be featured as most of the second half, starting at about 25:30. Lend an ear, enjoy.