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What’s In My Box, Page 2

Bonbon Sharing Boxes

Making BONBON SHARING BOXES for the shop.Been shipping a few.The painted fish are our housemade Brazilian Catongo dark chocolate. #chocolatier #life #boxofchocolates

Dark Milk Chocolate Truffle

WINTER IS (EVENTUALLY) COMING – easy-going milk chocolate ganche in bold Peruvian dark milk with a single surprising flake of sea salt …

Indian Spices, Indian Dark Chocolate

INDIA, SPECIFICALLY? – Indian spices in housemade India “Anamalai” dark chocolate. Ggoraka, black cardamom, and fenugreek. #chocolatier #beantobonbon @meridiancacao

Cherry Caramel

TINTS (AND SHADES) OF SUMMER – Guatemalan dark chocolate and cherry caramel in Guatemalan white chocolate #chocolatier #valuescale #summer #cuzart

Dried Fruit Mosaic, Cherry

LATE SUMMER SUNSET – Guatemalan white chocolate A house-dried strawberry, peach, and apricot mosaic cast in a bar of White Jade with …