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PERHAPS ITS MATHEMATICAL – Smooth Belize dark chocolate ganche with house-made ginger syrup @dicktaylorchocolate #chocolatier #mathlessons #ganache

Blueberry Cloud Caramel

BLUEBERRY DEWDROPS: fresh blueberry cloud caramel balanced with earthy Dominican Republic dark chocolate and a hint of white chocolate. It just tastes …

Black Tea Fudge

GRANULAR STRUCTURE: Saint James Estate black tea & white chocolate fudge cast in dark chocolate

Husk Cherries, Salt, Chile

ALL THAT AND A PINCH OF SALT: husk cherry paté with salt and chilies and macadamia gianduja in a yuzu shell. #chocolatier …

Coffee Nougat, Dust Ganache

OUTSIDE WITH AN ICED LATTE: Coffee nougat and experimental Liona dust ganache in Ivoire white chocolate. #chocolatier #dustganache #icedcoffee