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What’s In My Box, Page 2

Candy Bar: Thai Coconut

CANDY BAR “Somewhere Else” – Thai Basil coconut ganache above caramel above chocolate chip cookie crunch.#chocolatier #chocolateasart #candybar @finechocolateindustryassoc

There and back again

It’s good to travel, and it’s also good to return home. ROAD TO THE BEST PLACES – Cara Cara orange, vanilla, and …

Going out for Thai

THAIPHOON (this one’s for Fi, Muse for a day :-) – Fresh thai basil & toasted coconut ganache in Hacienda Rio Dulce …

Black Sesame

BLUE ON BLACK – elegant black sesame and white chocolate ganache truffle enrobed in Itakuja–a beautiful Passionfruit-fermented Brazilian dark chocolate