Snow & Spice Truffle Boxes

SNOW & SPICE Collection. Experiments with Wild Bolivia Heirloom ganache and other sundries.#chocolatier #chocolatetruffles
SNOW & SPICE in a box while 
out the door is snow and ice. 

SNOW & SPICE Collection. Includes

  • Les Truffes EnTray – Wild Bolivia Itenez Heirloom truffles with three different microstructures and finished three ways.

    • Ecuador natural cocoa with Formosa Red #18 black tea (Standard macroemulsion, Aw=.71)
    • Dark dutched cocoa with Formosa Red #18 black tea (Bicontinuous phase microemulsion, Aw=.71)
    • House-powdered sugar and natural cocoa with Formosa Red #18 black tea (Low-moisture weak macroemulsion, Aw=.67)
  • Pistachio praline acorn

  • A Blue teardrop of rose petal & Itenez caramel with long pepper and a hint of lemon grass oil in "Nananda" dark blend.

  • The Teal Truffle is finished with powdered black cardamom and fir balsam tips.

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