Short Twisted Words

Lemony Sichuan peppercorns numb your tongue. Guatemalan chocolate soothes. Short pointy words.

Number made:10
Enjoy by:July 6, 2015

Short Twisted WordsThere’s something wild in the air;
I’m casting bonbons long and;
twisted square inscribed with wit,
to numb your thoughts and
caramel that numbs your tongue a bit.

Ingredients: Tikal 43% milk chocolate (cacao, sugar, powdered milk, vanilla pods, non-GMO soy lecithin), organic sugar, caramel (organic sugar, Bartlett Farm heavy cream, Kate’s Butter, Imperial Sichuan peppercorns), dark chocolate ganache (Mesocacao Nicaraguan 80% Matagalpa dark chocolate (cacao, sugar, cocoa butter), Bartlett Farm heavy cream, invert sugar)).

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