Guatemala Gold

Caramelized bananas with spices and rum in Guatemalan 43% “Tikal” milk chocolate.

Number made:48
Enjoy by:July 30, 2015

Guatemala GoldA rather political haiku:

Thank you U.F.C.
For all you’ve contributed.
Bananas, cacao.*

Ingredients: Bananas, organic brown sugar, Bartlett Farm heavy cream, Cabot butter, Tikal 43% Guatemalan milk chocolate ((cacao, sugar, powdered milk, vanilla pods, non-GMO soy lecithin), Grenada nutmeg, Jamaican allspice, Oaxacan sapote seed, Kenshi 70% Dark Milk chocolate (cacao, organic sugar, cocoa butter), Ron Viejo Rum.

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*In 1954, the United Fruit Company sort of helped overthrow the Democratic Guatemalan government to protect its banana and cacao interests. Much of Central America never recovered.