The Bean-to-Bonbon Project

Hmmm. Only one puzzle piece remaining.#chocolatier #projects

Only one puzzle piece remaining. (“Melanger?” wrote David E.)

The cracker and winnower from CocoaTown are really nice, and definitely more efficient and less messy than the way I was doing it before (by hand). Awaiting the new melanger, which will hopefully make it here in the next week or so.

Some folks are dismissive of convection ovens for roasting, but it’s what we’ve got, and I’m playing with techniques that should give us an even, predictable roast.

Second test batch of Brazilian Catongo beans is going in the small grinder on Tuesday. I roasted them a bit lighter than the first batch. Provided Sous Chef Donna doesn’t nosh all the nibs before I get them conching.

#chocolatier #projects