Waxing poetic today. I offer up a bit of verse.

Captain, O Captain  
 our ship is sinking fast;  
You've cut the rigging, torn the sails  
 this trip could be our last.  

We've traveled far  
 through storms and trials;  
 our ship, fair and sound;  
Captain, O Captain  
  you're running us aground.  

Remember him--died on the deck 
 his final passage done?  
Gave himself to save the ship  
 his final battle won?

Captain, O Captain, the war is not yet won.  
Why have you forsaken what the Dead One had begun?

I weep! I weep!
Our steady ship 
 is slipping in the deep.

–Richard Tango-Lowy
Copyright (c) 2020, All Rights Reserved

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