Open & Workin’

WE’RE OPEN Small Business Saturday and are making lots of new stuff.

Rich just pulled Peruvian dark chocolate from the grinder and replaced it with Belize cacao beans, which will have turned to chocolate by Monday.

Rachel’s making some crazy Japan-inspired bonbons for our Large Bonbon Sharing Boxes. (Kinako and black sesame in our own milk chocolate).

Donna’s making Mayan Drinking Chocolate Bags. Did you know you can purchase our drinking chocolate from Littleton Fine Craft Gallery and Nashua Fine Crafts Gallery, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen shops in Littleton, NH and Nashua, New Hampshire? Also at Zapapa (Fine crafts from Mexico) in Kittery Foreside, Maine.

Remember Sophia’s Sweet Summer newsletter series a few months back? She’s at it again, planning a new weekly update just as sparkling as the last. Keep your eyes open… the first issue should go out in email this week.