Valentine’s Chocolate Experience

Romance in the Dancing Lion Chocolate style. Reservations for 8 couples available.

On your table woven chocolate, ganache and caramel. leaves and buds, trunk to twig.

On your table two bowls, a magical beverage of tea and spices entwines primeval chocolate.

On your table, poetry, romance, and elegance: Chocolate As Art.

Each sculpture is a unique work of art and flavor, served with pastry and a special beverage: enjoy what you can, take home what you’re unable to finish.

We are accepting reservations for 8 couples, four on Saturday, February 11th and four on Sunday, February 12th. Only one reservation is available each hour, so please select your desired time with care.


Cancellations will only be accepted by calling us at 603.625.4043.

Once all reservations are fully booked or on January 31st, whichever comes first, we can only refund your reservation if we are able to re-book your table. If you need to cancel, please call us as early as possible so we have the best chance of re-booking.

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