Valentine’s 2023

Is Love Just a Word?

"Talk is cheap" my wife likes to say.
So I became an artist chocolatier
and each year around this time
with a lot of chocolate and a little rhyme
I talk about love my own way.

Valentine’s Week Hours

Mon 13th: 9am - 5pm (The Day Before)
Tue 14th: 9am - 5pm (Valentine's Day)
Wed 15th - Fri 17th: 9am - 5pm 
Sat 18th: 11am - 7pm

Valentine’s Chocolate Experience

Romance in the Dancing Lion Chocolate style. Reservations for 8 couples available.

On your table woven chocolate, ganache and caramel. leaves and buds, trunk to twig.

On your table two bowls, a magical beverage of tea and spices entwines primeval chocolate.

On your table, poetry, romance, and elegance: Chocolate As Art.

Each sculpture is a unique work of art and flavor, served with elegant Celadon Pearl green tea. Enjoy what you can, take home what you’re unable to finish.

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