The weather’s warming, the world’s a little (just a little) less uncertain than a month ago when we began our Survival Chocolate Project. It’s time to move on. We hope we brightened uncertain times, made staying home a little easier.

We had fun making these; keep your eyes peeled–we’ll turn a few of them into permanent products. As always, we appreciate your business and your custom. Thank you!

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Survival Chocolate No.6

Spring Flowers Bonbon Box

Spring Flowers Bonbon Box

We crafted a special collection of bonbons to celebrate Spring! In each Nepal lokta paper box you’ll find

  • Two Mandarin Painted Flower bonbons, each cast in White Jade 40% Guatemalan white chocolate, Liona 70% Dominican Republic dark chocolate, or our house blend 60% milk chocolate.
  • Two elegant bonbons of the moment.
  • One signature painted chocolate fish.

Each flower bonbon is a work of art, individually painted by our own Rachel Comstock. A few delicate dried rose petals finish the box. A beautiful celebration of the season!

Survival Chocolate No.5

Guided Tour of Chocolate

A Guided Tour of Chocolate Flavor

Different chocolates taste different for many reasons: genetics, environment, processing, and even your own mood.”

Richard Tango-Lowy, ecole chocolat faculty, Mastering Chocolate Flavor Course

Each box contains 5 rare and unusual color-coded chocolate bars (four shown). We’ve created a tasting card specifically for each: a guide to introduce you to the character and nuance of the bar.

When you’ve finished tasting, open the color-coded envelope for that bar to learn about the chocolate’s origin and history, and to explore our own flavor notes.

Taste the bars together or taste one each day. We’ll be your guide, but you choose how your tasting journey will proceed.

Survival Chocolate No.4


The Candy Man makes, everything he makes, is satisfying and delicious!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl

This week’s Candy! brings to you our take on childhood favorites, candies that delight, satisfy, and inspire.

Candy! contains

  • 1 seriously over-the-top Candy Bar
  • 1 mondo Peanut Butter Gianduja Cup
  • 3 packages of Flavored Marshmallows
  • 2 pieces of Caramel or Nougat.
  • 3 Painted turtles (dark milk chocolate 60%)

Survival Chocolate No.2

Spring Sipping Eggs

An egg awaits you in this box
Filled with goodness, cast with color
Melting slowly in your cup
The taste of chocolate fills your mouth
The intersection of Spring and Drink

Stir one of our SPRING SIPPING EGGS into simmering water until it completely melts and, voila! Drinking Chocolate! We’re starting with Creamy Dark (not spicy) and Mayan Heat (spicy) eggs, but watch this space for our other beverages.

One Spring Sipping Egg makes two 8oz servings (mug/bowl size) or four 4oz servings (cup size).

Survival Chocolate No.1

The CRE: Chocolate Ready to Eat

Our take on the ubiquitous MRE. The CRE is designed to get you through the tough times, be it the Zombie Apocalypse or whatever the heck’s going on at the moment.


  • 1 EA Small Bonbon Sharing Box (5 pieces)
  • 1 EA Limited Edition Chocolate Bar
  • 1 EA Traditional Drinking chocolate to prepare at home (your choice of Creamy Dark or spicy Mayan Heat)
  • 1 EA Chocolate Bark
  • 2 EA Zen Brownies (the current flavor)
  • 1 EA Nosh Bag containing dark, milk, and white chocolate pieces


  • 2 EA Handcrafted Bonbons
  • 1 EA Painted Chocolate Fish
  • 1 EA Limited Edition Chocolate Bar
  • 2 EA Zen Brownies (the current flavor)
  • 1 EA Nosh Bag containing dark, milk, and white chocolate pieces