HOT WEATHER SHIPPING. We can only ship if the temperature at the destination is below 90F (32C) for a period of the three days when we expect the chocolate to be delivered. We’ll try our best to ship your order, which means we might delay it up to a week to accommodate weather. If we don’t feel your order will arrive unmelted, we will email you before we cancel and refund it.

We create every Dancing Lion Chocolate product lovingly by hand, using some of the world’s rarest and most exquisite chocolate. We craft each truffle & bonbon recipe only once, our chocolate bars are works of art, and our Traditional Mayan Drinking Chocolate is unlike any you’ve tasted.

SHIPPING: Local Pickup is available when you check out.

We try to ship quickly, but it sometimes takes us a few days, and we usually ship USPS Priority Mail. We want your chocolate experience to be perfect, so please contact us if your chocolate arrives in other than perfect condition.