A platter of pastries, 
bonbons, and nibbles 
served with a two cups 
of drinking chocolate.

Prepared at your table.
The matcha was custom-
blended for a Japanese
tea master, and we only
have a small amount.

I just brought back an
unusual bamboo-formed
raw puerh from Ming Tao 
Xuan in Montreal. I also
returned with a crisp 
sencha green from Oodaira, 
Japan and a cherry-sweet 
aged bancha twig tea from 
Shizuoka, both acquired from 
Cha DoRaku.

Mayan Drinking Chocolate

Made the old way–just chocolate, water, and spices served frothy in a bowl. Try the Mayan Heat (spicy) or Creamy Dark (gentle). Add a double shot for a Chocolate Espresso.

Rare Tea

We serve extremely rare loose-leaf teas from Taiwan, China, and Japan in the authentic Gaiwan style. Ask about our current selection.


Custom blended and roasted for us by Clarena’s Coffee of the Lakes Region NH, we prepare it in the traditional Italian style.

Sweets & Savories

For savory, try a Puerto Rican Mallorca ham & cheese (or just cheese) sandwich.

For sweet, perhaps a cookie, biscotti, or one of our famous Zen Brownies.

The Bakery

WE BAKE croissants the 3rd Saturday of each month.

They almost always sell out in advance, so it’s best to reserve ahead. When you check out, please select SHOP PICK UP as your delivery method. You can pick up your croissants any time between noon and 7pm on croissant day.

Important. We think most of what we make is pretty tasty. If we haven’t heard from you and you don’t pick it up by the end of the reserved day, we’ll consider it a gift from you to us and we’ll eat it with great satisfaction.