Looking Backward

View from the alley. I asked Yasamin to create the mural that belongs as the back face of Dancing Lion Chocolate.It begins.#chocolatier #streetart #manchesternh @intownmanch @phat_riot

It’s going to be a mural. But it’s really going to be street art, alley art, chocolate art, Yasamin’s art. Doesn’t look like much yet, but a journey of a thousand miles…

I’ve wanted art back here since I renovated the shop. But the right art needs the right artist, at right time, with the right thing to say. After ten years at 917 Elm Street, Dancing Lion Chocolate knows what it wants to say. The end of a crazy wild once in an age year is the right time. An edgy Persian-American painter poised between attitude and inner peace is the right person.

Transformations run deep. Stay tuned.