Supplier Spotlight: Mesocacao

mesoLogoMesocacao is redefining the scope of what it means to be a chocolate maker.

One of Dancing Lion Chocolate’s newest chocolate suppliers, you may have tasted their chocolate in the Mayan Style Drinking Chocolate or the Zen brownies. Curious as to the story behind this bright and aromatic flavor, I recently spoke with Mark Harman, co-founder of Mesocacao, to learn more.

Not only do these people care about the flavor, but they care about the chocolate’s story.


Single Origin Cacao. Mesocacao’s chocolate is a single origin cacao from Mesoamerica, the birthplace of chocolate as a food. The company works closely with farms to identify the highest quality flavor beans and the best post-harvesting techniques, including fermenting, drying, and roasting. Then, with the art and skill of a chocolate maker, Mark and his team transforms these beans into couverture. No additives, the beans do the talking.

Bean to Chocolatier. While many in the industry focus on making bars, Mesocacao focuses on couverture – a chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa butter ideal for use in ganache,  bonbons, and baking chocolate. A necessity for a chocolatier.

Beyond fair trade. Direct trade. Mesocacao recognizes that the best flavor chocolate start with the farmers.  A direct trade relationship with these growers allows Mesocacao to ensure farmers are fairly compensated and receive a premium for harvesting and processing high quality cacao.

With the same ethical sourcing and traceability of the bean to bar model, Mesocacao supplies chocolatiers with unique and rare beans from places like Nicaragua and Honduras.  In the words of Mark Harman, “I am excited to be part of the craft movement that demonstrates the connection between the plant, the farmer, and the chocolatier. Not only do these people care about the flavor, but they care about the chocolate’s story.”

Learn more about Mesocacao here: or connect with Mesocacao on Facebook