Quite the Origami Fold

I am in the back of the Dancing Lion Chocolate shop, thinking about the way the tissue paper in my hands folds so beautifully around our hand pressed Nepalese chocolate boxes. Richard and I have been having talks about the science of packing delicate bon bons and Spring eggs in packages to be shipped all over the country. 

Through the months we have observed a devolving in the state of packaging delivered to the chocolate shop. The steroid shot our pandemic injected into online retail has increased digital shopping ten percent across all categories and there has been a 46% increase in online retail viewership (Gramling, et al). 

We have loving names for each version of complete destruction of packaged items which arrive at our doorstep; the accordion, the SQUISHED, the THIS ISN’T WHAT I ORDERED and my personal favorite; the WHERE DID THE PACKAGING GO.

Discussions about packaging became more pressing as we received word from a few customers in California, New York and Colorado, that our beautiful and carefully crafted chocolates had arrived damaged. Diligently, Richard conducted his research and I have been using my gut instinct to conceive of newer, more effective methods for packaging our products. Dancing Lion Chocolate is always about the whole effect, even our far away consumers, receive considered wrapping and hand written notes, carefully taped and boxed in our eco friendly shipping methods. 

  This is where the newest issues have reared their heads; we are always thinking about sustainably sourcing our products, even our wrapping should be eco friendly. 

We’re in the process of shifting to a new supplier for our cold pack packaging who make their polar packs, not with styrofoam, but with ‘mineral fiber and plastic that is biodegradable.

 Why am I writing this right now? I guess I am writing to say, Hi. If you’ve ever received a box from Dancing Lion Chocolate with a hand-pressed plant fiber envelope and a letter inside, I may have put it there. And I am writing to apologize for the increased cost of our shipping, especially during warmer weather, but I promise there is no increased overhead in this for us, and that the cause is for a greater good. At least, we can all say- where chocolate is concerned, we are doing our best to ensure our work reaches you in perfect condition and with the least possible negative impact on the environment.

~ Yasamin

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