Introducing Danta Chocolate

Will he [Carlos] marry me? –L.W., Manchester, NH

My customers seem pretty serious about Danta Chocolate.

Guatemala chocolate maker Carlos Eichenberger creates this small-batch artisan chocolate entirely from local cacao grown on the Finca Las Acacias and Finca Los Ujuxtes plantations. The fragrance is big, olivy, and crisp; the flavor full and fruity, perfectly balanced between tart and sweet. Danta’s Los Ujuxtes is one of the finest milk chocolates we’ve tasted.

If there is such a thing as perfect chocolate, in my humble opinion Danta’s Finca Las Acacias 60% may be it.

Dancing Lion Chocolate is proud to be one of the only suppliers of Danta Chocolate in the United States.

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What customers are saying.

I LOVE Danta Chocolates! (Yes, I you already know this already)

–L.W., Manchester, NH

The Danta is hands down my absolute favorite [chocolate] yet.

–C.B., Manchester, NH

I’m really in love with the Danta chocolate…I did prefer the 60% over the 75%.  It is so complex and really amazing.  I’m calling them magic beans. and the texture/mouthfeel is fabulous too.  This guy is truly has a winner in my book.

I’ve been munching on the milk chocolate and I must say it is probably one of the best milk chocolates I have had. I don’t have much experience with milk chocolate but I’ve tried a few that were overpoweringly sweet.  This one has a more mellow sweetness, which I prefer, and therefore I think more of the bean comes through.  Very nice.

–L.W., Manchester, NH

I’m not sure what I taste… cherries, some sort of liqour; there’s some much going on!

–D.K., Concord, NH