Dinner at the Lion: A Look Behind the Scenes

A Valentine’s Table

February 14th, 2013

A Saucy Prelude
Braised Beef Shortribs with mirepoix
and a most peculiar
Pinot & blueberry bonbon

Two Points of View
Chocolate Acorn Shooter
served in the glass
and on the plate
Squash, Garlic, Spinach, Lemon

Beets in Jivara, Beets in Ivoire
Goat cheese purple with pomegranates
Greens splashed with Blueberry Vin
Edible plate made of Tango

Honeymoon in Abondance (or Vermont)
Soupe d’Ongions
Gratinee Tarentaise & crisp croissant of rye
Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Sugar

Ghana Have the Duck
Sultry duck confit reclining
on a bed of hazelnut Nyangbo risotto
Sauteed asparagus inclining

It Takes Two
Cocoa-seared beef, perhaps cocoa-seared tuna
Potato Gratin accompanies cucumber slaw
Pomegranate plays in Ponzu

It’s Never What You Think
Creme brulee our way; with play!
Life isn’t what it seems
All that matters
is behind your dreams.

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