The Art of Cindy Rizza

Looking Back: Our First Artist in Residence

Tree of Life

Cindy was really my first foray into the blending of chocolate and classical art. Our series of chocolate bar paintings, 12 Muses of Chocolate sold out quickly. I think the later pieces, particularly Sunshine, Tree of Life, and Fall is a Lady, (below) are a strong indicator of Cindy’s style.

I aim to expose the contradictions within the subjects- to honor their purpose with an honest portrayal, while simultaneously questioning whether the material comforts keep us safe or more vulnerable.

Cindy Rizza

I met Cindy around 2010, when she wandered into the tiny rec kitchen that predated the current shop. Our first collaborative piece was Mona Lisa’s Starry Night, a blurring of Leonardo and Vincent she painted on a thin sheet of chocolate that had I created for her. We recreated the piece on bonbons, along with a Kandinsky interpretation, for an event at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

We culminated with pieces like Beethoven on Bonbons for a series of concerts by pianist Gregg Pauley. The flavor of the bonbons was designed to play into the mood of the concert and the painting. After the event, the guests were invited to consume the artwork, which they did.

Since those early days of 2010 through 2014, Cindy has received much recognition and numerous awards for her work, both nationally and internationally. Beginning May 29th, 2022, several of her works will be on display at Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Lately, we’ve been discussing a Dancing Lion Chocolate Reprise–a single special work to celebrate our earlier years of collaboration. In the meantime, you can learn more about her work at