Sculpture: Wine & Chocolate

We’re fond of difficult projects. When one of our long-term customers asked us to make a special gift for a vintner friend, we certainly couldn’t turn him down. He would be shipping the sculpture to California’s Napa Valley, so the project needed to be pretty robust.

We brainstormed, we designed, we built mockups, we built molds, we crafted, be broke things, we rebuilt things, we tasted stuff, and we laughed a lot (which is normal for us).

We built the wine bottle from Dominican Republic dark chocolate, which we inlaid top and bottom with cherry marshmallow to buffer the bonbons. The neck of the bottle is filled with Cabernet Sauvignon black pepper caramel and capped with a nougat cork.

The bottle rests on a bed of sapote marshmallow in a hand-carved spiced white chocolate wine crate, complete with a form-fitting lid. Every part of the project, including the packing materials, was meant to be eaten.

As for the bonbons, the TRUFFLE is Tanzania dark chocolate enrobed in Peruvian white. The SQUARE is roasted Asian pear with star anise and White Jade Guatemalan white in Bolivian dark. The SPHERE is cardamom and red wine cloud caramel with Mexican dark milk chocolate.

To give you a sense of scale, the crate was about 40 cm/16 inches in length.

We constructed a custom shipping box, which we padded and loaded into a second box, which was to be loaded into a third cold-packed box during shipping. We’re waiting to hear how it fared.