Savory Chef Jeff was in at midnight making croissant dough and dipping Thai chilis in chocolate because he thought it might be fun. You have the guts to try a chocolate-dipped Thai Chile?

I bought Fruit Guru Donna a food mill and fine sieve for the New Year to help her juice those juicy lemons and tangerines. Whatever it takes to make the staff happy.

“Confusion reigns in the brain” said Kathy.  She’s packaging bars after the wild holiday rush.

Rich spent an hour reviewing energy efficiency with Steven Elliott, Conservation Program Administrator of PSNH (our electric company). We’ve already replaced our lighting with LEDs and made many other changes, but Steve had some excellent suggestions.

Time to airbrushsome

Chocolat et Praline Lunette

Not Actually Nipples of Venus, though they sort of look like ’em. The true bonbon of the aforesaid name (which you might remember from the movies Amadeus and Chocolat) is traditionally made with two types of ganache, but we did ’em with a toasted hazelnut on a disk of gianduja. “Everyone needs a little humor this time of year,” says Savory Chef Jeff.

Made a special new croissant pastry for today–a chocolate and praline lunette (photo). Very yummy!

Wow, it’s 2013!

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