A Friday Night Pop-up Restaurant at Dancing Lion Chocolate.

Every Friday, 5:30PM until Midnight at Dancing Lion Chocolate
917 Elm St., Manchester, NH
Reservations accepted

Locally sourced casual fare crafted weekly.

Posted on Jul 26th, 2019

Chef Angelina preparing for tonight's SUSHI DINNER at @eternapopup.#sushi #makizushi #nigirizushi #umeboshi #manchesternh #localfood…


Posted on Jul 25th, 2019

This Friday is SUSHI NIGHT at Eterna Pop-up Restuarant here at Dancing Lion Chocolate. Maki rolls, nigiri sushi (raw fish on rice), and my wife's favorite--umeboshi (pickled plum in a riceball). The fish is freshly-caught and will be delivered in the morning. We still have reservations…


Posted on Jul 19th, 2019

A dessert to blow your mind... with blown sugar. A sweet "poison apple" with apple chutney, lemon shortbread, cream, dark milk chocolate, and lemon thyme. @eternapopup #snowwhite…



July 26th –Maki Sushi Night – $17
Maki-zushi (roll) and Nigiri Sushi (seasonal fish on rice), Onigiri willed with Kakuni & Umeboshi (pickled plum), served with Miso Soup. All items are gluten and dairy free.


Coming soon… the final four dinners. Watch this space!

The Face of Culinary Excellence

Chef Angelina Jacobs, “versed in a variety of cuisines, she’s always been in touch with nature, working on farms and gardens her whole life.

–New Hampshire Magazine

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Dancing Lion Chocolate is “definitely a bucket-list place.