A Friday Night Pop-up Restaurant at Dancing Lion Chocolate.

Every Friday, 5:30PM until 1:00AM
at Dancing Lion Chocolate
917 Elm St., Manchester, NH
Reservations accepted

Locally sourced casual fare crafted weekly.

April 19: Harry Potter Night

Posted on Apr 19th, 2019

IT WAS A MAGICAL NIGHT at Hogwarts aka Eterna Pop-up at Dancing Lion Chocolate. Chocolate frogs, golden snitches, and Chef Angelina conjured up some outrageously delicious Harry Potter fare. We were booked solid the entire evening. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. For dessert, Harry's favorite Treacle Tart and a Golden…


April 12: Chinese Steamed Buns & Egg Tarts

Posted on Apr 12th, 2019

  Properly made, steamed buns are one of the the world's great food. The airy house-made bun soft on your tongue, the the explosion of savory umami, the crunch-contrast of cucumber, carrot, and piquant sauce. And if you have a lightly-sweet custardy egg tart to finish, so much the better! Tonight at Eterna: Barbecue pork buns or braised mushroom bao buns served with a Hong Kong style…


April 5: Barbacoa Tacos or Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

Posted on Apr 5th, 2019

Chef Angelina's preparing jackfruit for the pulled jackfruit tacos. #eterna #popuprestaurant #barbacoatacos #jackfruit #manchesternh #afterhours @dancinglionchocolate…



April 26 – A Trip to South Africa – $14
Boerewors, Chakalaka and Pap (South African Sausage, Vegetable Relish, Maze Porridge) or vegetarian Chakalaka, Pap and Moroccan Pita Bread. All items are dairy free.

May 3 – Chinese Breakfast for Dinner – $15
A Sweet Red Bean Bun and a Steamed Scallion Bun served with Chicken Congee, Chili Oil, Shredded Chicken and Sweet ‘n’ Sour Carrot Salad. All items are dairy free.


May 10th –Vietnam Street Food – $15
Beef Pho with basil, lime, chili, cilantro and Bean Sprouts served with Dau Chao Quay (Fried Bread Sticks). All items are dairy free. No vegetarian options tonight.

The Face of Culinary Excellence

Chef Angelina Jacobs, “versed in a variety of cuisines, she’s always been in touch with nature, working on farms and gardens her whole life.

–New Hampshire Magazine

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Dancing Lion Chocolate is “definitely a bucket-list place.