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Master Chocolatier Richard Tango-Lowy

The True Soul of Chocolate

I first encountered the True Soul of Chocolate in 1995. For decades I have sought its subtle nuances, studied its moods, struggled to understand its complex temper. Chocolate is coquettish and proud, quick to anger, open only to the most patient overtures.

I’ve learned to prepare it in the ancient ways with Mayans in Belize and in the gleaming kitchens of the finest Parisian chocolatiers. I have shared knowledge in Vancouver and in France. I am proud to count among my friends the finest chocolatiers from Montreal to Melbourne to Guatemala and farmers from Central and South America and the Caribbean.

For chocolate is art. And as art it is magnificent.

Originally a physicist and always an artist and poet, Richard Tango-Lowy has been working with chocolate since 1996. He graduated with honors from Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver, and has earned Master Chocolatier designations from Ecole Du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in Tain L’Hermitage, France and Ecole Chocolat’s Master Chocolatier course in Tuscany, and now teaches several Ecole Chocolate Masterclasses. He opened Dancing Lion Chocolate in Manchester, New Hampshire in 2007.

Co-Chocolatier Rachel “Leaf” Comstock

An artist from birth, Leaf brings flair and elegance that’s become fundamental to the Dancing Lion Chocolate style. With four years of intensive on-site training, their approach to flavor and technique is flamboyant, sophisticated, and completely unique.

Leaf graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2022.

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