Artisan Chocolate Bars

A simple bar of chocolate
complexities untold;
An elegant veneer above
hints of ancient peoples–
hints of xocolatl–
hints of places old.
A simple bar of chocolate
sourced from rare and fine cacao.
Guatemala! Ecuador!
The best that’s made in the world today
and you’ll find it here right now!

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An ever-growing selection of our artisan chocolate bars is available directly from our Dancing Lion Chocolate Etsy Shop:

Premier Bars

Cacao Tao Bar
CACAO TAO — Madagascar cacao nibs and dried blueberries in Tango 67% Madagascar-Ghana blend.

Haiku Bar
HAIKU — Crisp almonds and sea salt in Kenshi 70% Dark Milk Chocolate

Sel Bar
SEL — Coarse rose Himalayan salt crystals layered between fudgy Ghana 68% dark and caramelly African 40% milk chocolates.

Signature Bars

Tango Bar
TANGO 67% — Our Madagascar-Ghana blend with intense cherry notes.

Kenshi Bar
KENSHI 70% — Our unique very Dark Milk chocolate. Smooth and nutty with delicate cream notes.

Axiom Bar
AXIOM 60% — Our own easy-going blend with bright citrus notes.

Specialty Bars

Cherries Bar
CHERRIES — Tango 67% chocolate jeweled with whole Rainier cherries.

Coffee & Cream Bar
COFFEE & CREAM — Delicate 35% white chocolate speckled with our house-blend espresso beans.

Ginger Bar
GINGER — Delicate 35% white chocolate with strips of house-candied ginger

Limone Bar
LIMONE — Axiom 60% with the house-candied citrus of the moment!

451 Bar
451 — Bold Vietnamese 72% dark chocolate with spicy cayenne and coarse sugar.

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