Cafe & Tea Salon

Mayan Drinking Chocolate

Made the old way–just chocolate, water, and spices served frothy in a bowl. Try the Mayan Heat (spicy) or Creamy Dark (gentle). Add a double shot for a Chocolate Espresso.


Custom blended and roasted for us by Riverwalk Roasters in Nashua, NH, we prepare it in the traditional Italian style.

Rare Tea

We serve extremely rare loose-leaf teas from China and Taiwan in the authentic Chinese Gaiwan style. Ask about our current selection.

Croissants Monthly

We bake Traditional, Chocolate, and Almond croissants, along with Kouignettes (French sticky buns made with croissant dough) one weekend each month. See our calendar for the next bake (usually on the third weekend of the month.) It’s best to call ahead to reserve, as we often sell out.

Bread Every Friday

Our own rye starter with small-farm wheat flour and whatever we choose to add–often chocolate! Ready at 1:00pm.

Noshes Always

For savory, try a Puerto Rican Mallorca ham & cheese (or just cheese) sandwich.

For sweet, perhaps a cookie, biscotti, or Zen Brownie.

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