Imperial Sichuan Peppercorn Caramel

Art on Bonbons
Dipped bonbons with artwork transfer

FENCES AND WALLS – Imperial Sichuan Peppercorn caramel in I’x Jaguar Guatemalan dark chocolate. Transferred from original artwork airbrushed in cocoa butter and mica by Richard Tango-Lowy.

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Fences and Walls Original Artwork
Original artwork, airbrush with cocoa butter and mica on acetate. 2020

It’s a new year and I’ve been feeling the urge to create art. Paintings, anyway. I’ve always handled an airbrush the same way as most chocolatiers–sort of like using a mallet to put in a thumbtack. Figured it was time to learn a little finesse.

My art is ephemeral. After I dip bonbons I place them on the painting (entirely edible) and they transfer the colors onto the chocolate; the painting is destroyed in the process. When you eat the bonbon, you consume the art as well. A metaphor for life, I suppose.