Grenada. Mango. Friends.

I want to make a bonbon that looks like this beautiful Grenada mango.Long flight from Boston to Saint Georges, where Marietta and Jake Burdick rescued me from the airport. Relaxing with a glass of fresh-made passion fruit juice, resting up for the Grenada chocolate festival.#chocolatier #grenada

I want to make a bonbon that looks like this beautiful Grenada mango.

Fast flight from Boston to JFK. Fast 15 minute jog to Gate 3. Long flight to Saint Georges. Easy jog through Customs. “Hey Rich!” Marietta calls from the curb. Picked up Jake, lunch overlooking the ocean. Errands. A glass of fresh-made passion fruit juice.

A FEW WEEKS BACK Paula and Marietta Burdick invited me for a week’s rest and post-Mother’s Day rejuvenation at their home in Victoria, Saint Marks, on the north end of the island. Their Jouvay Chocolate Factory just up the road. You know Burdick’s Chocolate: Walpole NH, Cambridge Mass, Manhattan. The Burdicks “retired” and sold the shop years ago, started a cacao factory in a disused rum distillery. Larry splits his time between France and New Hampshire. Paula between New Hampshire and Grenada. The kids–Marietta and Jake–Grenada and other places. But they’re leaning into chocolate.

The tempering machine’s not working right” says Jake. “This is so much food for tomorrow’s festival dinner” says Marietta. “Let’s eat more soursop” says Rich. “And put me to work during the event.” Something’s smelling good in the kitchen.

A day much like any other. Pretty rough being a chocolatier. Nice, really.

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