Liming is Grenada for hangin’ out with whoever’s about listening to music, drinking stuff, eating whatever’s available, and having a generally relaxed time. Today we’re liming at Kendall’s Mom’s shop in GrandRoi, a happening place in a happening village. Loud music, excellent company, chicken about to go on the grill, not to mention Kendall’s Mom’s mouthwatering chicken rotis. (Roti is meat, vegetables, and curry wrapped in a round puffy grilled bread, and it’s popular throughout the island.)

There’s no substitute for traveling. The soul of a chocolate is in good part the soul of the people it comes from.

Richard Tango-Lowy

Kendall is the Assistant Production Manager at Jouvay Chocolate, so we spent a fair amount of time discussing and tasting chocolate (of course).

Kendall: “Where can I get more of this Mexican Milk chocolate?”
Rich: “That’s about the last of it. I’ll send some with Marietta and Jake next time they’re traveling from New Hampshire.”

Earlier, we made the drive to Concord Waterfall, which was very beautiful, and a great place for swimming, which Jake and I did while Marietta sat safely in shallow water. Jumping from high rocks into the pool far below is a thing, in which Jake and I partook. Technically, Jake jumped, I dove. We jumped from the low rock, some 20′ above the pool. Travis, the lifeguard and waterfall jumper, did the leap from the top of the waterfall. It was spectacular and would most certainly have “done in” either of us.

There was cacao growing along the road on the way to the falls, and nutmeg as well. Fresh nutmeg with its brilliant red wrapping of mace and still in the pod is stunningly beautiful.

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