Sao Tome e Principe

essence of cacao Cacao. The source of chocolate. Corallo. Some of the finest cacao in the world. Imagine a blend … Read More

Deep Red

summer fruit; burst of red Rhubarb. Past the open door of tartness; all we know. Tarragon. Lingering licorice. Milk chocolate. … Read More

Maori Nectar

a drop of earth’s nectar Thin, dark chocolate, crisp to the tooth. Burst of rich cream ganache fills your mouth, … Read More

Cacao Tao Bar
Artisan Chocolate Bars

A simple bar of chocolate— complexities untold; An elegant veneer above hints of ancient peoples– hints of xocolatl– hints of … Read More

Burnished Red Cacao Pods

bold chocolate; sweet caramel These Burnished Red Cacao Pods are 71% Arriba chocolate from Ecuador filled with smooth soft honey … Read More