Chipotles & Meyer Lemons

ORE-ATIONS – Chipotles with Mom Lowy’ meyer lemons in Puerto Rico dark capped in Belize Criollo. #chocolatier #beantobonbon #jeanmariechocolat @bfreebz … Read More

Rooibos des Vahines

A MOMENT AFTER (A MOMENT OF LEISURE) – lemon and Rooibos des Vahines (rooibos tea scented with vanilla and almond) … Read More

Cacao Origins

While our understanding of cacao evolution and genetics has evolved dramatically over the past few decades, much of the chocolate industry, including the fine chocolate industry, still relies on obsolete and inaccurate models of cacao origin and what they imply about flavor. This paper aims to clarify how and why cacao evolved as it did, the impacts of geological and human effects on species variation, and how these have altered the flavor characteristics of some varietals more than others. Along the way, we’ll address the meaning of white seed cacao: what it is, and what it isn’t.… Read More