…from time to time, a liquor prepared from cocoa, and of a stimulative quality, as we were told, was presented to him in golden cups … filled with foaming chocolate

~ Bernal Diaz Del Castillo, writing of Aztec ruler Moctezuma

Frothy Bowl of Drinking ChocolateDark, frothy, and silky smooth, we prepare drinking chocolate the old way: chocolate, water, and spices.

And we serve drinking chocolate the old way: in earthen bowls filled with fragrant foam; for a bowl of hot chocolate warms the hands, the heart, the soul.

Traditional Drinking ChocolateTraditional Style Drinking Chocolate

MAYAN HEAT, pieces of dark sultry chocolate dusted with vibrant blend of chilis, cinnamon, and organic Ecuador cocoa powder.
CREAMY DARK, an easy-going blend of dark and milk chocolates, silky on the tongue, soothing to the senses..

THE PERFECT GIFT: a beautiful basket with your choice of MAYAN HEAT or CREAMY DARK drinking chocolate, a wooden molinillo frother, and a hand-thrown Dancing Lion Chocolate drinking bowl.

Enjoy Traditional Style Drinking Chocolate at HomeDrinking Chocolate


For each serving, boil 3/4 cup of water,  remove from heat and whisk in 12 pieces of chocolate.
Cover and let sit at least 5 but preferably 20 minutes.
Reheat over medium-low heat stirring constantly until hot but not simmering.
Whisk vigorously or froth with a wooden molinillo frother.
Pour into a mug or drinking bowl and enjoy.

One bag of Traditional Style Drinking Chocolate makes six 1-cup servings..