Thank you for your continued support.
You’ve enabled us to remain open throughout.
You’ve helped us keep our wonderful staff
(all of them) here and working.

We’re glad we can be here for you,
and we really appreciate that you’ve
remained here for us. Thank you!

We’re open (nearly) regular hours.

Tuesday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.
Saturday 11am to 7pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

We’re shipping to most of the country, even during hot weather. If you’d like to shop ahead, anything you purchase at our online store can be marked for local pickup when you check out.

You’ll need a mask.

Skip the politics; science works. And hey, I’m a scientist. We welcome you in our shop, but masks are required.

Social Distancing

We can comfortably accommodate 6 guests: one party at the counter with marked waiting areas for up to three other parties. Please be considerate about your space.

Be Healthy

If you’re not feeling well, we wish you a speedy recovery. But kindly stay home. If you’re symptomatic, you might want to get tested for COVID.

What we’re doing to keep everyone happy and COVID-free

  • There’s hand sanitizer at the door and near the register.
  • Between guests, we thoroughly sanitize tables, chairs, and surfaces, including our credit card machine and register, with an FDA-approved disinfectant.
  • When we’re not in the kitchen, we’ll be wearing masks. We also monitor each employee’s temperature at the start and end of every shift.
  • We wash our hands thoroughly (lots of soap, “Happy Birthday To You” twice) every time we enter the kitchen.

We don’t know how long this whole thing’s gonna last,
One day it’ll have passed, but we don’t know how fast.
So let’s just take care and maybe we’ll fare a little bit better,
Get over all this a little bit sooner. In any case,
Chocolate may not cure COVID, but it does
Make you feel good.