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What’s In My Box

We make every recipe only one time; When it’s gone we don’t do it again. The first three or four, maybe one or two more Can still likely be bought from the front of our store!

Two Bonbons

were missed during the Valentine’s rush, and you’d probably like to know what they are! The Blue Triangle Pyramid is Yuzu, Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oil ganache with Honduran 70% dark chocolate. The White Topped Dome is a rose, lavender, pistachio nougat cluster in dark milk chocolate.


TWO SIDED MIND – limoncello-soaked cherries in Hacienda Rio Dulche Guatemalan dark with Espresso. Shop Online /**/


DOMO ARIGATO MR NOUGATO (howdy, Lawrence!) – nougat with roses and pistachios enrobed in dark milk chocolate.#chocolatier #nougat @styxtheband Shop Online /**/

Honey Hearts

GHOST IN YOUR HEART – fruity Madagascar dark chocolate with local honey and the tiniest hint of Ghost Chili. (But not hot).#chocolatier …

Too Many Hucks

HOUNDFINNPIE – huckleberry cloud caramel with a splash of bourbon.#chocolatier #chocolate #artisanchocolate #huckleberry #huckleberryfinn #huckleberryhound Shop Online /**/


LIME CAVIAR – finger lime “custard” ganache with Jade & Ivoire (and a bit of Tequila)#chocolatier #chocolate #chocolateasart @dantachocolate @valrhonausa @casamigos #fingerlime …