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A dessert to blow your mind… with blown sugar. A sweet “poison apple” with apple chutney, lemon shortbread, cream, dark milk chocolate, and lemon thyme. @eternapopup #snowwhite #dessert

→ July 19, 2019

Plating the evening’s first service of our Faerie Tale SNOW WHITE dinner. Next week… Sushi! @eternapopup #germanfood #fairytale

→ July 17, 2019

Special guests at our Lord of the Rings dinner. This Friday: A Snow White Fairy Tale meal featuring a spun sugar “poison” …

→ July 12, 2019

ELVISH WAYBREAD begins tonight’s Middle Earth Feast. View this post on Instagram Short ribs for tonight’s Lord of the Rings theme! @dancinglionchocolate …

→ July 5, 2019

Brisket in the smoker for tonight’s BBQ dinner at ETERNA Pop-up at Dancing Lion Chocolate. @eternapopup #briskey #bbq

Rescheduling Sushi

TO OUR DEAR GUESTS… we humbly apologize, but we’re rescheduling this evening’s SUSHI dinner to July 26th, as Chef Angelina caught some …