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TONIGHT – Here be Dragons!

Chef Angelina “Stark” has been preparing for this evening’s feast. Dornish stuffed grape leaves (above) served with lamb leg and Sansa’s Lemon Cake (below). Rich (apparently a Targaryen given the dragon t-shirt, but possibly a Stark given that he’s carrying Needle.) View this post on Instagram Busy rolling Grape leaves… …


The show’s a wrap, but you’ll find no spoilers here. Friday night Chef Angelina will celebrate the End of an Era with …

It’s cool and rainy and I’m looking forward to soup tonight. Vietnamese soup. Pho. The aroma of stock has pervaded the kitchen … → May 10, 2019

It’s one of THOSE days when we’re craving food that’s warm and comforting and well, breakfast-y, and the fact that it’s dinner … → May 3, 2019