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Sel Bar

Sel Bars ready next week.

SEL BARS. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Look for them in about a week. Himalayan rose salt in dark and milk. #Chocolatier …

SEL Bars

Angelina and I made SEL BARS today. It's been awhile and folks have been asking. I only make them 2 or 3 …

SEL Bars

Elusive SEL BARS for those of you who've been asking. I made 36.#chocolatier #darkchocolate #milkchocolate #himalayansalt

SEL Bars

Yes Liz, it was you. I’m making them now, so they’ll be available next week.

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Sel Bars

It’s that time again–I made another 36 of those elusive Sel Bars. I make them no more than 2-3 times each year. …