Help Save Heirloom Chocolate

Saving chocolate is easy.

CHOCOLATE’S AT RISK, especially the stuff that tastes good. The climate’s warming, the Amazon’s burning; there are no real surprises here. What is a surprise is how easy and pleasant it is to help save it. 

Only 16 cacao strains have been designated as Heirloom: the best cacao in the world, produced to preserve biological diversity and empower farming communities.

This is where saving chocolate begins, and we use Heirloom chocolate in almost everything.  That bowl of drinking chocolate you sipped at our shop? That Sirius Bar your purchased? Heirloom.

Heirloom Cacao

HEIRLOOM CACAO BEANS are the diamonds of the cacao tree, producing the finest flavor.

Give the Gift of Heirloom Chocolate