2019 Valentine’s Dinner


On Tuesday
February 26th
at 7:00 pm
5,000 years of
cacao and chocolate
through 9 courses
of gastronomic

The experience
will take place
at Dancing Lion Chocolate 
just like the Old Days and

we will seat
12 couples at
a price of
$175 per person.

In true Dancing
Lion Chocolate

style, the menu is
a secret. There will be

no alcohol and if we
do our jobs properly
you will not miss it.

Join me and
Chef Angelina
for a unique evening of
Food As Love.

Call 603.625.4043 to reserve.

We are taking reservation for the 2019 Valentine’s Dinner on a first-come first-served basis. If you must cancel, please do so as early as possible, as once the dinner is fully booked, we can only refund cancellations if we are able to re-book your table.

If there is anything you are unwilling or unable to eat this might not be the appropriate venue for you and that you should consider carefully before booking.