Anna’s Visiting Today

Back when she was but a lass, not having yet moved to the far away graphic designer’s heaven, San Francisco, Anna accepted a tricky little project here in Manchester–to create a logo for our little shop. You may not have met Anna in person, but you know the playful, elegant Dancing Lion that graces our shop window and website; Anna’s Dancing Lion.

I didn’t expect a dancing lion when I commissioned the logo back in late 2010; I imagined any such thing would be either hokey or silly rather than playful and elegant. After an exhaustive search of real lions, Tuscan lions, British lions and random sketched lions to determine what I deemed acceptable, Anna came through. Almost.

Version One of the logo featured a lion dancing ballet. I emailed Anna: “my lion doesn’t do ballet he Tango’s, of course!” I soon received Versions Two and Three, and the latter became The Official Dancing Lion.

Anna’s visiting today from San Francisco. Look for her signature on the wall; say “hi” if she’s here when you wander in. The lady does good work.


Anna Eshelman

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