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Life As Art summer series

Life As Art: Bringing Art to the Sidewalk

We’re bringing the act of creating art into the community, and people will be able to see and even participate in its creation. Each Thursday this Summer, Dancing Lion Chocolate will host a local artist outside the shop. Demonstrations–often interactive–of cartooning, drawing, painting, clay sculpting, poetry and more, our philosophy …

Taking Nothing for Granted
So Many Little Things

A Story in Ginger

Three bonbons in ginger, matcha tea, cherry blossom salt, and rare Peruvian 67% Piura chocolate.

Spring Dreaming

Spring Dreaming

House-made Strawberry Rhubarb jelly in a blend of Tango & Axiom dark chocolates.

Cherry-blossom infused Vietnamese 72%

7 Cups of Tea Limited Edition Bar

Powdered Matcha, Emerald in ivory white chocolate. Sea salt infused with Cherry blossoms. A sprinkling of Jasmine tea. We crafted the 7 …