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Sushi Conceptualization

Coming up: Harvest (Chocolate) Dinner

Chocolate sushi plates with slices of quail roulade “maki.” Long-marinated sirloin in a chocolate lacquer box. White chocolate “golden” eggs filled with …

Sriracha Ice Cream

Sriracha Ice Cream

Where else could you try 2 kinds of Sriracha ice cream? Our friend Randy Clemens, author of The Sriracha Cookbook,, will be …

See Far

See Far (Inside)

Fresh NH golden plums with rosemary and Guatemalan milk chocolate in Bolivian heirloom cacao.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Blood orange & mango ganache with Valrhona’s Illanka 63% Peruvian dark chocolate.

Sunny Day

Sunny Day

A simple blood orange & Mango truffle with Illanka Peruvian dark chocolate.


Herbbie (the Love Heart)

Local blueberries, with rosemary, Italian herb liqueur, and Ecuador dark chocolate ganache  in Tango 67% dark chocolate.

Open Sesame Bar

Open Sesame Limited Edition Bar

Samantha’s new Open Sesame bar, a perfect balance of toasted sesame seeds in Ivoire 35% white and Jivara 40% milk chocolates. She …