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My take on a candy bar.

DANGEROUS VISION – A candy bar. Apricot Almond nougat atop pineapple ganache atop coconut nougat enrobed in Creos topped with crisp almonds. …


Baking Day, Part II

Making croissants for this weekend–Traditional, Chocolate, Almond, and Chocolate Almond. I strongly urge you to call and reserve (603-625-4043) if you’d like …


Baking Day, Part I

Those are not potato latkes! Donna’s making Coconut Macaroon Zen Brownies. They’ll be ready on Friday. Really into brownies? Sign up for …


I hike up mountains real fast.

(It must be the chocolate.)  They call me “Chocolatier” on the trail, ’cause I share crazy-good chocolate with hikers I meet. This …


Pineapple flowers in white chocolate.

TROPICALE BARS, fresh out of the molds. Macadamias, coconut, and house-candied pineapple in precious Finca Los Ujuxtes Guatemalan white. Los Ujuxtes white …