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Carre d'Or

Carre d’Or

Butter shortbread with blood orange caramel and Nicaragua 80% dark chocolate glaze.

Smithsonian Blog

Who would have thought our little shop in Manchester, NH would get an article on the Smithsonian’s blog? I’ve been doing this …

Valentine’s Day Newsletter

Always stretching, learning, pushing the envelope, because that’s what Love’s about, isn’t it? From Bonbon Boxes to Sculpted Chocolate Hearts to Fondue …



Heirloom Chimayo chili and key lime sugar with Mexican vanilla ganache.


Far East Cacao

Mexican vanilla beans in Marou Lam Dong region Vietnamese dark chocolate

Vanilla Tea Bonbon

The Right Amount of Tea

Whole sencha tea leaves and powdered matcha green tea with vanilla ganache in Nicaraguan and Guatemalan chocolate.

Art Bars

Valentine’s Day 2015

For your special Valentine… Our Limited Edition Sculpted Chocolate Heart Flowing wielded metal, eternal like true love. For Valentine’s Day 2015, Master …

Honey Hearts

Honey Hearts

DJ’s local honey in Tango 67% Madagascar chocolate.


Bear with Me

Moroccan artisinal Ras-el-Hanout spice blend in fruity Tango 67% Dark Chocolate, finished with a Tellicherry peppercorn.

Apple in the Lamp

Apple in the Lamp

Djinn Spirits Krupnick honey liqueur and ruby apples in Kenshi 70% Dark Milk Chocolate.

The Science of Ice Cream

Frustrated at the lack of really good ice cream in our area, I decided to see about making it myself. Unfortunately, pretty …