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Zen Brownie


Saffron, crocus sativus stigma, painstakingly plucked, precious! Cinnamomum virem–true cinnamon from Sri Lanka, delicate, flavorful, and fine! Black tea, camellia sinensis, also from Sri Lanka, compliments dark, aromatic chocolate (dare I write theobroma cacao?) from Nicaragua. I believe this to be our finest brownie Ever.

There and Back Again

Where won’t we go for fine flavor chocolate? My journey this weekend took me over 3,000 miles to the San Francisco Fine Chocolate …

→ January 8, 2015

My breath floats away, like the day Wisps in the cold air; dissipates. I sip drinking chocolate, frothy, warm, And am satisfied.

Cheese-stuffed Eggplant Rotini

Lunch this Week

Week of January 6th Lunch @the Lion is Cheese & white chocolate-stuffed eggplant rotini with chocolate ganache & balsamico.

Sophia Japhet

A Taste of Opportunity

FRIENDS, please welcome Sophia Japhet to our website! An expert in non-profits and community agriculture, Sophia has suddenly found herself thrust into …

New Year

Scents of ginger and chocolate linger in a warm kitchen. Croissants cool on a stainless steel table. Water and chocolate slowly cook …

Asian Curry Soup

Lunch this Week

Week of Dec 30th Lunch @the Lion is Asian Curry Soup with crispy kale, wild Bolivian dark chocolate, and an optional burnin’ …

Drinking Chocolate

Drinking Chocolate

Check out our new Drinking Chocolate page, with pretty photos and a recipe!