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Silk Road Zen Brownie

Silk Road Zen Brownies

Donna baked brownies. Turkish Silk Road Spice, Dark Chocolate, and Cream cheese swirl. Delectable.

Banana Split in a Cacao Pod

Ice Cream Dream

Have you considered a BANANA FLAMBE ice cream BANANA SPLIT? Served in life-size chocolate cacao pod shell? With freshly-whipped cream and dark …

Officer Rondeau and Valor

Horsing Around

Our friends Officer Paul Rondeau and chocolate-colored steed Valor posing for a photo op at the Shop.

Losing My Marbles

Losing My Marbles

A cap of white chocolate studded with Axiom 60% dark chocolate, black currants, and pistachios.

Walnut Praline

Walnut Praliné

Walnuts candied; ground creamy dark and smooth with “Illanka” Peruvian 63% chocolate.


Geode: Rock of Ages

A crisp sugary shell explodes with fresh figs, honey, and Peruvian dark chocolate.