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What’s In My Box

We make every recipe only one time; When it’s gone we don’t do it again. The first three or four, maybe one or two more Can still likely be bought from the front of our store!


Spicy Caramel

THE DEAD – Spicy smoked habanero salt bourbon caramel. Hand-painted by our own Abigail Meredith.



FACES IN BABYLON – Tart quince ganache with Itakuja Passion Fruit infused dark chocolate.


Over the Top(per)

SERPENT’S TOOTH – Heady stuff, really. Heady Topper sugar in Itakuja Passion fruit infused dark chocolate filled with layers of Heady Topper …


Hot Tart Jade

MONOCHROME – White Jade Guatemalan white chocolate filled with smoked habanero salt caramel and tart quince dark chocolate ganache. It all seems …


Fresh Pumpkins

TIME ENOUGH FOR PUMPKIN PIE – sugar pumpkin, spice, and Tikal Guatemalan milk chocolate ganache with a splash of Bourbon #2. Mr. …