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A Day in the Life

A Chocolatier’s Blog, or A Series of semi-random events in an ongoing quest for happiness and chocolate.

In the kitchen

Just packaged Breakfast Tarts (Toaster Tarts, whatever you want to call them except L*pTarts) for the backpacking trip, but we do have …


Encounters II

Thanks to Ana, we now have real photo of Lawrence Gowan of the band Styx, who not only invited the Dancing Lion …


Picasso Bars.

Tempering Maranon Canyon 100% dark chocolate for Picasso bars. Intense dark atop a thin layer of white, speckled with house-candied citrus and …


Sel Bars

It’s that time again–I made another 36 of those illusive Sel Bars. I make them no more than 2-3 times each year. …