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A Day in the Life

A Chocolatier’s Blog, or A Series of semi-random events in an ongoing quest for happiness and chocolate.

What do you do with six mostly full cans of beer after a tasting? You could finish ’em off, or you could… … → March 21, 2017


Chocolate & Beer Pairing

Working out the pairings for the Great North Aleworks chocolate and beer event on April 3rd. Register online.


A little really loud Alan Parsons Project (Pyramid, actually. Followed by Stereotomy and then Gaudi. Would have started with Turn of a … → March 19, 2017


Baking Day, Part II

Making croissants for this weekend–Traditional, Chocolate, Almond, and Chocolate Almond. I strongly urge you to call and reserve (603-625-4043) if you’d like …


Baking Day, Part I

Those are not potato latkes! Donna’s making Coconut Macaroon Zen Brownies. They’ll be ready on Friday. Really into brownies? Sign up for …