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National Trail Mix Day!!!

August 31st is National Trail Mix Day!!! To celebrate, Master Chocolatier and avid backpacker, Richard Tango-Lowy, is making a sensational trail mix …

Chocolate Bonbons for graduation, mother's day and any special day

A Bouquet of Bonbons

Intricately handpainted bonbons in Ivoire, the epitome of chocolate as art. Four bonbons per box, for a limited time. The perfect gift …

Karmic Cookies: Ghana 68%

Introducing Karmic Cookies

We’ve segued. We’ve hinted. And now, newly-minted:
our extreme universal–this is no dress-rehearsal–
gluten-free dairy-free just a smidgen of sugar
yet outrageous insanely
truffly chocolately
Karmic Cookie.