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Felissimo - Chocolate in Japan

Buying Chocolate in Japan

Looking for a gift for your Tokyo beau? It might seem early to be contemplating the big red heart-shaped day, but our lady friends in Japan are already contemplating gifts for their significant others. (Women traditionally give the Valentine’s gifts; men can reciprocate on White Day!) At Dancing Lion Chocolate, …

It Rains on a bowl of drinking chocolate

Il Pleure dans mon Chocolat

Il pleure dans mon chocolat Comme il pleut sur la ville. Quelle est cette langueur Qui pénêtre mon coeur? It rains in …

Trick ‘r Treat!

Stop by Dancing Lion Chocolate with kids in costume for a special Dancing Lion Chocolate Trick ‘r Treat between 6:00 pm and …

Fine, fine, drippy, drippy, Fall day. Cool rain, Hot chocolate infused with ginger if you Choose. Chocolate croissants, butter croissants, Spiced pear … → October 11, 2014

Butternut Bisque

Lunch this Week

Week of Oct 14th Lunch @the Lion is  Bright butternut squash bisque with fried kale and apple-mushroom chutney drizzled with 100% dark chocolate!!!

National Trail Mix Day!!!

August 31st is National Trail Mix Day!!! To celebrate, Master Chocolatier and avid backpacker, Richard Tango-Lowy, is making a sensational trail mix …

Chocolate Bonbons for graduation, mother's day and any special day

A Bouquet of Bonbons

Intricately handpainted bonbons in Ivoire, the epitome of chocolate as art. Four bonbons per box, for a limited time. The perfect gift …

Karmic Cookies: Ghana 68%

Introducing Karmic Cookies

We’ve segued. We’ve hinted. And now, newly-minted:
our extreme universal–this is no dress-rehearsal–
gluten-free dairy-free just a smidgen of sugar
yet outrageous insanely
truffly chocolately
Karmic Cookie.

Croissants for your New Years Table, Manchester, NH

Come in if you’re cold, stop by if you’re able– We have buttery croissants for your New Year’s breakfast table! → December 31, 2013

Pistachio Gianduja Egg


Omne vivum ex ovo. “All life comes from the egg.” Dancing Lion Chocolate’s display case is loaded with freshly-hatched chocolate eggs. Copper-bronze …