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National S’mores Day

August 10th is National S’mores Day!!! Hooray! To celebrate, Savory Chef Jeff is making homemade graham crackers,Rich is making homemade marshmallows, and Samantha is making chocolate disks just the right size… for what??? Dancing Lion Chocolate S’mores Kits! Pre-order a 4-pack at the shop or give us a call-603-625-4043!!!

Chocolate Bonbons for graduation, mother's day and any special day

A Bouquet of Bonbons

Intricately handpainted bonbons in Ivoire, the epitome of chocolate as art. Four bonbons per box, for a limited time. The perfect gift …

Karmic Cookies: Ghana 68%

Introducing Karmic Cookies

We’ve segued. We’ve hinted. And now, newly-minted:
our extreme universal–this is no dress-rehearsal–
gluten-free dairy-free just a smidgen of sugar
yet outrageous insanely
truffly chocolately
Karmic Cookie.

Croissants for your New Years Table, Manchester, NH

Come in if you’re cold, stop by if you’re able– We have buttery croissants for your New Year’s breakfast table! → December 31, 2013