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HYPERWEB Egg and a few others. Candied blood orange and cacao nibs Peruvian Maranon Canyon 100% and white. Stop in and check …


Pineapples, Blood Oranges.

Egg. Life circles days, months, seconds Near to beginnings and near to endings and always Centered about Blood and tart moments– Blood …


Red Walnuts & Plums

Egg. Cast in dark chocolate– Jaguar, xocoatl. old places. Plums and red walnuts; Thoughts of secretive wulong. Crisp shell, fertile flavors.


EGGS, the second hatch.

Medium eggs. Left to right: Blood Orange Structural Egg, Candied Grapefruit Structural Egg, Lacey Spiced Egg.


EGGS, the first hatch.

The large eggs are Creos Peruvian dark milk chocolate with pineapple (bronze egg) and cacao nibs (blue egg). The small eggs are …