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Candy bars.

FAR AWAY (across the ocean) – Plum caramel and Australian Tukka with Tikal 43% Guatemalan milk chocolate crunch in Honduran 80% dark. …

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Bengal Bar

Art gets under your skin some days, though I put my art on a chocolate bar (so it gets inside my body …


Sculpture in Marshmallow.

EMERGENCE sculpture in grapefruit marshmallow, and finished with Creos Peruvian dark milk chocolate. Based on an original message casting by Teresa Moorehouse.



HYPERWEB Egg and a few others. Candied blood orange and cacao nibs Peruvian Maranon Canyon 100% and white. Stop in and check …


Pineapples, Blood Oranges.

Egg. Life circles days, months, seconds Near to beginnings and near to endings and always Centered about Blood and tart moments– Blood …